Frequently Asked Questions

About The Sparkbox Power Products

Q: Why doesn’t my Sparkbox power my devices?
A: First, make sure the output ports have been turned on by pressing the corresponding Port On/Off Buttons. Then, check the battery level of the unit. Please recharge the unit as soon as possible. Finally check if the connected device conforms to the specifications of output ports. If the unit still can’t power your devices, see TROUBLESHOOTING or contact us for help.

Q: Can I replace the battery pack in my Sparkbox?
A: No, the battery pack in Sparkbox is not replaceable. Do not try to open or service your Sparkbox yourself. Doing so may cause irreversible damages to the unit and battery explosion.

Q: Can Sparkbox be interconnected ?
A: No, the Sparkbox can NOT be interconnected with other power stations. If you looking for a rechargeable AC power supply with larger capacity, please visit our official website or are contact us for more options.

Q: Is the Sparkbox waterproof?
A: No, the Sparkbox is not waterproof. Please keep the unit away from moisture. Do no submerge the unit in water or operate the unit in the rain. Doing so may cause short-circuits, electric shocks, and fire.

Q: Why doesn’t the battery of Sparkbox last as long as I expect?
A: The battery capacity is rated at 0.2C. When the Sparkbox is powering devices that have high power consumption, the internal resistance of battery will turn more energy into heat and lower battery capacity as a result. In this case you may not get exactly Wh of energy as listed on the Product's marketing materials.

Q: How do I clean the product?
A: Use only a clean, dry, soft cloth and wipe gently. Never spray your Sparkbox with water or cleaners.
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