Sparkbox 3000 Frequently Asked Questions

1. ) What are the Watt Hours and AC Output of the Sparkbox 3000?

Battery Capacity 3200Wh / AC Output 3000 Watts

2. ) How do I charge my Sparkbox?

Plug it into any AC outlet.

3.) How long does it take to fully charge a Sparkbox?

Approximately 5 hours.

4.) Once fully charged, how long will Sparkbox hold a full charge if unused?

6 to 9 months.

5.) How much does Sparkbox weigh?

Final production units will weigh approximately 75 lbs. and has a retractable handle, aluminum case and wheels.

6.) Will there be a 240V version?

Yes, Spakbox 3000 will be available as a 240V version as 15 amps

7.) What plug and output frequency are used on the 240V version?

The 240V version of Sparkbox has a universal 220-240V AC socket, which will be compatible with all EU countries. The output frequency is user selectable.

8.) Will, there will be a 12V CLA integrated?

Yes, your production Sparkbox will include a 12V receptacle port that will fit most automotive 12V accessories along with 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C (PD) ports and a dual AC outlet.

9.) Will Sparkbox be rugged enough for outdoor use?

Yes, production units will be weather resistant, splash resistant, have integrated wheels and will be rugged for outdoor use.

10.) What about using a Sparkbox indoors?

Since it requires no fuel, is quiet, and has zero emissions – it is perfect for shelters, basements, medical equipment emergency back-up, power tools, and battery charger power source, any location where AC electrical power is needed.

11.) How long will Sparkbox run my device?

This depends on the device. Not all blow dryers are the same. Not all devices draw power all the time. Are there other devices plugged into Sparkbox? No electrical device is 100% efficient. With the 3200Wh battery, there is a lot of power to go around. This means Sparkbox can deliver 3200W for an hour or 100W for 32 hours. To get an idea of how long a device will run, find the device’s power requirement in Watts. Divide 2900 (account for some losses) by the power required to get the estimated hours the device will run on its own. See the chart above for some real-world examples.

12.) Can Sparkbox be charged with portable solar panels?

No, the large capacity of Sparkbox compared to the limited output of portable solar panels, make solar charging impractical. Depending on season and location, a typical portable solar system would take between 3 and 10 days to charge the 3200Wh battery housed in a Sparkbox.

13.) Do the AC plugs use pure sine wave?

Sparkbox AC plugs provide 100% pure sine wave.

14.) Does Sparkbox come with a warranty?

Yes, a full 1-year manufacturer warranty and has been tested to endure 800 recharges. For the first 250 backers get a reward and get a guaranteed 2-year manufacturer warranty!

What About Solar Charging?

Sparkbox Battery Capacity = 3200 Wh

A Portable Solar
60 to 200W Panel
Would Take TOO long.

Charging would take 3-10 days because of Sparkbox’s high battery capacity compared to portable Solar’s low output.